What we have to offer

All the tools you need to build great forecasts

3-Way Financials

Integrated Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet & Cashflow reports ensures accounting integrity and numbers you can trust, every time.

Flexible Chart of Accounts

Design the chart of accounts that best suits your purpose, add departments and subtotals. The flexibility to respond to any situation.

Line by line assumptions

Set specific calculation methods, cashflow timing, tax rates and more for every line so your forecast numbers are as close to reality as possible.

Dynamics and Drivers

Use KPIs, activity drivers, non-financial data and flexible calculation options to transform static budgets into dynamic business models.

Comprehensive Reporting

A full suite of financial reports and schedules, as well as Ratios & Statistics reports and flexible dashboards.

Excel Integration

Expand the power of your forecast by linking data into Castaway from Excel. Changes  in Excel are updated in Castaway immediately.

Complex Transactions

Inbuilt options for debtor finance, absorption costing, asset financing, loans, accruals & prepayments, natural increase for livestock, etc.

Actuals and Variance Analysis

Import or enter actuals data each month then analyse variances across Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow, Funds Flow and Drivers reports.

Custom Formulas and KPIs

Tell the story your way by adding custom formulas to any of Castaway’s financial reports, or graphing them on a dashboard.

Flexible Dashboard

Design your own dashboards with flexible layouts, 19 chart types and a range of presentation options. Graph any data from any Castaway report.

Consolidations Add-On*

Consolidate multiple files in seconds. Ideal for corporate groups, project analysis and strategic planning.

Integrations Add-On*

Import files and actuals data from Xero and MYOB. Export budget and actual data to Fathom.
Requires separate Add-On subscriptions

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