The Castaway Lifecycle

Our customer development guide


Flexibility & Choice

Castaway makes it easy to create anything from simple budgets to complex forecasts to dynamic business models, for single entities or consolidated groups. A Castaway model will grow along with your business.

Includes: Budgets and Static Forecasts


Tell Your Story

Use dynamic reports, flexible dashboards and non-financial data to analyse and tell the story of your business – past, present and future.

Includes: KPI’s, Metrics and Dynamic Reports


Get control of your numbers

Use what-if’s and scenarios to model the financial impact of different decisions, projects and options. With numbers you can trust, you have the power to make better decisions.

Includes: Actuals & Variance Analysis and Cashflow Management


Make informed decisions

Uncover the key drivers of business and cashflow performance, monitor KPI’s and targets; and test different assumptions to focus on growing business value.

Includes: Due Diligence and Business Valuation



Design a better future

Analyse scenarios, strategies and growth paths. Model different market conditions and assumptions. Continually fine tune your direction, strategy and business plans.

Includes: What-Ifs & Scenarios and Rolling Forecasts

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