Castaway Training – [Full WwCA Course] All 6 Modules AU&NZ

This Working with Castaway course consists of 6 x 1-hour webinars to be delivered over a short period [1 week]

  • 24 August
    6 x 1-hour webinar sessions
    Session information
    Module #1 - Build a Simple Forecast
    Mon 24 Aug 10:30 - Mon 24 Aug 11:45
    Online Webinar
    Module #2 - Build a More Complex Forecast
    Mon 24 Aug 14:30 - Mon 24 Aug 15:45
    Online Webinar
    Module #3 - Reports, Dashboards & Publishing
    Tue 25 Aug 10:30 - Tue 25 Aug 11:45
    Online Webinar
    Module #4 - Working with Actuals Data
    Tue 25 Aug 14:30 - Tue 25 Aug 15:45
    Online Webinar
    Module #5 - Introducing Advanced Techniques
    Thu 27 Aug 10:30 - Thu 27 Aug 11:45
    Online Webinar
    Module #6 - Consolidations and Scenarios
    Thu 27 Aug 14:30 - Thu 27 Aug 15:45
    Online Webinar
    Online Webinar
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This is the FULL 6-hour Working with Castaway live webinar course

Who should attend?

This course is suitable for regional users unable to access a capital city to attend a full day of live training. It is also suitable for users who wish to brush up on their classroom training. Webinar training is offered for the convenience of users who are unable to attend classroom training. It is not a substitute for the quality you would receive on classroom training.

Single 1-hour webinar course units are available for users if required.  The curriculum is detailed below.

Module #1 - Build a Simple Forecast

Understand how simple and quick it is to create a Castaway forecast from scratch. In Module #1, you will learn how to:

  1. create a very simple Castaway model
  2. set up one of each of the Element Types;
  3. enter budget/ forecast data into Castaway using the Excel integration
  4. understand the underlying modelling options in Castaway
  5. the importance of the Chart of Accounts and why you must work hard to get it right early


 Module #2 - Build a More Complex Forecast

Simple forecasts are great, but it’s more realistic that you would want to understand and work with more complex models, whether for your own business or for your clients if you are a business advisor.

In Module #2, you will learn how to:

  1. create a more complex Chart of Accounts
  2. work with modeling techniques
  3. handle/ understand prepayments and accruals
  4. create and maintain Sections, Sub Totals and Elements
  5. understand and work with Element properties
  6. create relationships between Elements
  7. work with Drivers


 Module #3 - Reports, Dashboards & Publishing

In Castaway, you can produce beautiful reports and dashboards. Attendees will discover that there is so much flexibility to tell a story about a business with dashboards.

In Module #3, you will: 

  1. Become familiar with the range and functionality of Castaway reports;
  2. Learn how to add custom formulae to your reports;
  3. Understand dashboards; and
  4. Learn how to tell a story by presenting data graphically.


 Module #4 - Working with Actuals Data 

After you set your years' budget, you will want to move on to forecasting, which requires your business actuals information to understand a point in time. Compare your budget against what actually happened. This is where you ask yourself "why?" and it encourages conversation with your client or in your business.

In Module #4, you will learn how to:

  1. Set up your Excel template;
  2. Understand how to handle actuals data in Castaway;
  3. Understand your re-forecasting options;
  4. Manage your forecast versions - best-practice methods;
  5. Enable Actuals - best-practice policy.


 Module #5 - Introducing Advanced Techniques

Sometimes we have complex or sensitive calculations that we need to process in Excel and manipulate. For example, workforce models. Mastering Datalinks and Drivers will take your forecasting to the next level. In Module #5, you will learn how to:

  1. create and manage Datalinks
  2. determine and create Drivers
  3. manage Excel upload forecast data
  4. undertake financial analysis (basics due to time constraints) 


 Module #6 - Consolidations and Scenarios 

Consolidations gives you a total view of your multiple entities. Castaway's Consolidations module enables you to consolidate even when your Chart of Accounts doesn't match.

Did you know our Consolidations Module can be used for scenario planning? Scenarios help us make business decisions.  In Module #6, you will learn how to:

  1. create and maintain Consolidation Files
  2. efficiently enter eliminated accounts
  3. add minority interest
  4. convert files built in different formats

 Module #6 is the final Module in this training course.

Please refer to our Webinar Training Terms & Conditions before you register and commit.

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