Onboarding: Create Your First Forecast File

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Thank you for joining the Castaway community and purchasing a Castaway licence.

Are you wondering how to create your first forecast efficiently and effectively? Do you just want to ensure you understand the process?
This webinar will help you better understand how to create your own forecast file with Castaway Forecasting software.

You have been invited to this webinar by our team so that you can watch our experts demonstrate how you would create your first forecast file in Castaway. We understand some of you have already used Castaway or know your way around the software. This is excellent, but I'd recommend you stick with us because I guarantee you will learn something new and a few tips and tricks to get you started the right way.

You will have a chance throughout the webinar to ask questions and we will also offer a Q&A session towards the end of the webinar.

Again, welcome to Castaway. Thank you and happy forecasting!