Castaway Forecasting ADVANCED Workshop (full-day) – AUCKLAND, NZ

Castaway Forecasting ADVANCED Workshop (full-day) – AUCKLAND, NZ

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About this Course

This course is designed to take you beyond what you have learned at our “Working with Castaway Forecasting” Course and introduce you to more of the advanced features of the software.  You will be introduced to some powerful techniques that you may not yet have had an opportunity to explore.  Each module is reinforced by skill-building sessions in a classroom environment and you will be coached throughout.   

Who Should Attend

Users with frequent or strong experience in Castaway or those users very comfortable with the practical workings of Castaway.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this one-day session, you will take away many new skills, including an appreciation of the following topics: 

 Castaway Power Tips & Tricks

  • Time-saving techniques (the fastest ways to build and maintain your Castaway forecasts)

  • Modelling techniques (features, tips and ideas for handling complex transactions)

  • Forecast review techniques (how to quickly review Castaway forecasts)

 Advanced Scenario Techniques

  • From static budgets to dynamic business models

  • Techniques for modeling what-ifs, projects and scenarios

  • Business and strategic planning with Castaway

 Driving Business Performance

  • The performance management cycle

  • Reporting KPIs, benchmarks and performance insights

  • Designing dashboards for storytelling


Do I need to have completed “Working with Castaway”?

Ideally, yes.  However,… if you are very comfortable with the basics of Castaway and have some good experience with the software, you should consider attending the Advanced Training course.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes, you may transfer your ticket to a colleague.  Please contact us at to transfer your seat to a colleague.

Can I update my registration information?

Yes.  Please contact us at to update your registration information.

***Please refer to our Training Terms & Conditions HERE

Shane Lovejoy
Shane Lovejoy