Setup Options


Forecast Details

Enter your Company Details. The Company Name appears at the top of your reports, followed by the Report Subtitle. Description notes can be useful for your reference or other users of your forecast.

Forecast Options

Enter the Tax Methods and the Report Currency. Set Annual Profiles if needed. Profiles can be applied to specific elements and can be changed later in the Element Editor.

Forecast Range

Enter the Forecast Start Date* and the Financial Year Start Month to set the Forecast length. Castaway allows you a maximum of 15 years per forecast (This can easily be extended once the file has been created).

Remember!The Forecast Start Date is the start date of your file. If you want to include historical Actuals, you will need to set your Forecast Start Date to the first date of your Actuals.

Report Appearance

Choose an existing Brand or the Default (to create a new Brand later in Report Design). Select a Report style. Add a Forecast Logo or one of the Report Navigation Logo Packs.