A Message to the Castaway Community about COVID-19

Hi …  

I wanted to share with you what Castaway are doing over the next couple of weeks, and more importantly, what this means for you and your business. 

Staffing and Support 

Starting this week, the Castaway Crew will be working from home. Under our flexible working arrangements program, most of the team already work from home regularly, so we’re well set up for this. The full team will be available across our normal business hours, so you should see no difference at all in the level of service and support you receive.  

Please continue to contact our Support Team with your general enquiries.  You can submit your request here. If it’s not support-related, the team will direct you to the correct department. 


Flexible licencing for WFH arrangements 

If your staff are also working from home, we understand they may need to access Castaway on different computers or via different server arrangements for a while. We get it and we want to help.  We can support you in a number of ways, including flexible licencing, so please let us know what you need. 


Helping you help businesses 

Coronavirus is driving massive uncertainty in the market. It has caused major changes to our way of life and significant disruption to business. In times like these, your business needs people like you, supported by people like us and software like Castaway, to find a path through the maze.  

We’re running a series of webinars focusing on how to do exactly that. We’ll look at topics like assessing the impact of coronavirus, creating and modelling scenario stories and designing action plans. Look out for the invitations in your inbox and on LinkedIn. We’d love to have you join us.


If you have any concerns or questions regarding our preparations for potential disruptions, please reach out to ceo@castawayforecasting.com 

Cashflow Forecasting Software



Castaway is comprehensive, intelligent cashflow forecasting software. Make sound decisions in your business or create value for your clients. Castaway’s powerful 3-way reporting and business modelling approach retains the integrity of your forecasts with double-entry accounting. With beautiful reports and stunning dashboards, Castaway helps you to tell the story of your business.
Design a Better Future with us now!





Performance reporting
Growth planning
Insight & foresight
Gain insight and foresight into the cashflow in your business. Prepare dynamic reports and tell your business story to banks and stakeholders. Get control of your numbers and strategically plan where to grow your business.


Due diligence in numbers you can trust
Cashflow forecasting
Budgets & forecasts
Variance reporting
Transition from broken, complex and time-consuming spreadsheets to simple files with powerful calculations. Rely on Castaway’s 3-way reporting, built on foundational accounting principles. Perform Actuals & variance analysis to re-forecast and make better decisions.


Scenarios & what-if modelling
Performance reporting
Insight & foresight
Build budgets & forecasts quickly with Castaway’s Integrations. Design attractive reports & dashboards to help clients develop their business plans and guide them to a brighter future. Create more value and gain greater clarity by performing scenario analysis and modelling what-ifs.


Consolidations & eliminations
Custom reporting – subsidiary/ departmental vs group level
Drill down reporting
Choose the level of detail
Test the resilience of your business strategy by modelling different assumptions and scenarios on different market conditions. Consolidate and handle the eliminations of your subsidiaries or departments with a click of a button. View the performance of your company at a group level. Decide on the level of detail in your reports by drilling down in Castaway reports.

Castaway allows you to…

Integrate With Your Accounting Package

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Get started quickly

Easily create your first forecast in Castaway via Integrations with Excel, Xero, Sage Cloud, Sage 50, Quickbooks, MYOB and Fathom. Build your Chart of Accounts in minutes by loading up your file and using the drag & drop function to map your accounts. Pull in your Actuals data in a matter of seconds with just a click of a button.

Excel Integration makes Castaway compatible with any accounting software that exports to Excel. So no matter what accounting package you’re on, we’ve got you covered.

Create Flexible Dashboards

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Dashboards in a flash

We’ve made building great-looking dashboards easier than ever. Choose from one of the preset Dashboards or create a custom one. Preset graph widgets allow you to build a dashboard quickly or have full control and build your own.

Using the Dashboard Design panel, you can create attractive and unique graph styles that you can paste on to other graphs to create a consistent look for the whole dashboard. Use text or image widgets to help tell your story. This allows you to quickly build attractive dashboards with substance.

Design Beautiful Reports

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Tailor information (or your story?) to your audience

Craft attractive and comprehensive personalised reports and provide insight to your stakeholders. Add company logos, brand colours and fonts to all of your reports. Decide to include additional information by adding customised report formulas or removing in-built ones.
Castaway provides you with the flexibility to generate good-looking and unique reports for you or your clients.

Model What-if's & Scenarios

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Get your ducks in a row/Prepare for the future

Prepare your business for a range of situations by scenario planning. Build your assumptions in Castaway by utilising drivers and learn how a change in these assumptions will impact your future. Get a glimpse of an alternate event by applying a what-if percentage to your accounts.

Steer the growth of your business by observing how different business decisions will financially impact you. With Castaway, you have the power to make better decisions.

Handle Consolidations with Ease

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Uncomplicate consolidations

Ideal for conglomerates or businesses with multiple subsidiaries, Castaway can help you instantly create a consolidated view of your files. Choose which accounts you want to eliminate simply by adjusting the settings. Castaway can also manage as many consolidations as you want, with files in multiple currencies.

Allow Castaway to remove your frustrations and free up the time you spend on maintaining convoluted consolidation spreadsheets to create better value for your business.

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