Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders

Meet the Founders

Castaway Forecasting was founded on the fundamental belief that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and their advisors, have the power to move the world forward.

Understanding the complexity these businesses face, co-founders Michael and Jo, united in their shared passion for learning from history’s greatest minds, embarked on the journey to establish Castaway Forecasting. Taking inspiration from Michelangelo, they laid the groundwork for the company. With a combined experience of over 70 years in business advising, thought leadership, and accounting, they have developed a foreacasting and business modelling tool that is trusted and essential in the decision-making process of progressive leaders across the globe, as they know there must be a better way. 

At the heart of our philosophy lies the conviction that SMEs and their advisors can design a better future by unlocking their business possiblities. As such we take pride in adopting Michelangelo’s ‘Theory of Reduction’ as the cornerstone of Castaway Forecasting’s Business Modelling. Much like Michelangelo, who envisioned David and meticulously sculpted away everything that wasn’t essential, Castaway Foreacasting delves deep, understanding all key components needed to generate more profound business insights for our clients intricate and distinctive business. This enables our clients and their teams to confidently make more informed decisions at pivotal moments.

Central to Castaway Forecasting brand is our Delta Icon, symbolising forward movement and ‘strength in form.’ Inspired by nature’s ultimate symbol of strength—the triangle—our icon embodies courage and power. Like Michelangelo’s David, it signifies the ability to navigate an imperfect world and drive positive change.


Our dream…

We believe SME’s and their advisors have the power to move the world forward. 

Why we turn up…

Every day we design a better future for SME’s and their advisors.  

 Our Values guide how we work…

There is Always
a Better Way

We Create,

We Contribute,

We Collaborate

Be an Explorer

Be Courageous,

Be Curious,

Be Comfortable with Uncertainty

Grow by Design

Grow Your Capabilities,

Grow Our Capabilities,

Grow our SME’s Value

Leave a Legacy

Advance  Our Understanding,

Inspire Positive Change,

Leave An Impact On The World

Supporting Small Businesses


Castaway Forecasting believe small businesses have the power to move the world forward. As such we have been a proud major sponsor of the Australian Small Business Champion awards for over 10 years. 

We are in awe of what small business can achieve and know how important it is to recognise them. Our sponsorship also aims to highlight the significant contribution they make to the Australian economy. 

To find out more about the fantastic program celebrating Small Businesses visit:

Our Community Work

Our quest to cure cancer & change lives

For the past eight years our founders, Michael Ford and Jo Buchanan, along with our wider team have dedicated ourselves to helping find a cure for cancer and change lives. 

Our team invest over 800 hours a year volunteering and supporting Tour de Cure Australia. Ride Leadership, Support Crew Planning & Training, Business Forecasting, Audit & Risk Committee roles, Logisitics Directorship, Tour Riding, Event Support, Castaway Corporate ‘Webinar for a Cure’ Initiative list just some of our contribution.


Major cancer breakthroughs funded


Cancer projects backed


Raised for cancer research

To find out more about the great work Tour de Cure does visit: