Castaway & MYOB  Forecasting together

With Castaway & MYOB  you can project your numbers into the future, play with scenarios & make decisions using true 3-way forecasting

Castaway is a comprehensive, intelligent cashflow forecasting software which enables you to make sound decisions in your business & create value for your clients. Castaway’s powerful 3-way reporting and business modelling uses double-entry accounting to retain the integrity of your forecasts.
Castaway helps tell the story of your business.

Integrate with ease

Building your first forecast with Castaway & MYOB is super-fast. Just load up your file and drag and drop single or multiple accounts to build a Chart of Accounts quickly

Update your forecast

Update with your new MYOB data whenever you want & keep your forecast up to date. Castaway remembers your mapping, so you don’t have to.

Design a better future

Play with scenarios and what-ifs. Should you hire new staff or open a new location? Run the numbers and design a better future for you and your business.

About MYOB

MYOB is accounting software for PC with invoices, payroll, inventory, multi-currency and detailed job tracking.
  • Stay ahead of tax changes
    Make it easy to meet your tax obligations with fast and easy updates. Certified by the ATO as SuperStream compliant.
  • Do business in multiple currencies
    Stay up-to-date with automatic exchange rates, create manual rates, get paid or pay others in 150 currencies, and easily create and reconcile foreign bank accounts.
  • Easy project and job tracking
    Keep an eye on how much time and money has been spent and how it stacks up against your plan.
  • Take control of your stock
    Our inventory management software is so advanced, you’ll always be able to track what you buy and sell.

How does Castaway integrate with MYOB

Castaway with MYOB integration allows you to import your chart of accounts into Castaway in a quick and easy drag and drop mapping process.


Using drag & drop, you can map:
  • one MYOB account to an existing Castaway account
  • multiple MYOB accounts to an existing Castaway account
  • one MYOB account to a new Castaway account
  • multiple MYOB accounts to a new Castaway account
  • multiple MYOB accounts to multiple new Castaway accounts
Quickbooks Integrations

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