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About our webinar host:

Michael Ford helps businesses design a better future.

Thought Leader| Growth Architect | Business Advisor| Speaker | Entrepreneur | Software Developer 

Michael is founder and CEO of Castaway Forecasting, the world’s most powerful business forecasting and modelling SAAS tool for SMEs and their advisors. 

Drawing on more than 30 years experience as an accountant, entrepreneur and business advisor, Michael envisioned Castaway as a transformative tool to change the future of business. Today, Castaway is used by half of the top 100 accounting firms in Australia and the UK, and helps solve cashflow, profit and growth problems for thousands of forward thinking SMEs across the globe.

In Michael’s journey from accountant to entrepreneur, he has tasted failure and enjoyed success. He advocates for curiosity, creativity and growth by design and engages global business audiences to unlock their possibilities and design a better future. In his spare time, he is dedicated to finding a cure for cancer with charity Tour de Cure, leading by example and inspiring positive change.

About Castaway Forecasting:

Castaway is a leading provider of business forecasting and modelling solutions, trusted by top global businesses, accounting professionals, and business advisors worldwide. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Castaway equips businesses to navigate with clarity through uncertain times and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Central to Castaway’s brand is our Delta Icon, symbolising forward movement and ‘strength in form.’ Inspired by nature’s ultimate symbol of strength—the triangle—our icon embodies courage and power. Like Michelangelo’s David, it signifies the ability to navigate an imperfect world and drive positive change. 

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