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Castaway Overview

This video gives a quick overview of Castaway. From the redesigned look and feel and workflow to quick explanations on the new features in Castaway. This video will guide you through the new interface and quickly explain the Setup, Forecast and Reporting workspaces with a look at Castaways new dashboards.

For a more thorough introduction to Castaway check out Castaway Walkthrough

Need a quick reference guide for Castaway workspaces, download the Screen Maps


If you  have been prompted to upgrade and need help 


Below is a selection of videos and pdf guides that will help you get started quickly.

Building Your First Forecast

This video provides all the basics for building a forecast in Castaway 2019.


Excel Integration

Learn how to quickly bring in data from any source that can export to Excel.


Uploading Forecast Data

Learn how to upload forecast data fast with the Castaway’s Forecast Data Template feature.


Integration Template Rules

A quick overview of best practice for bringing in data via a template.



Castaway has been designed to give you more control & make reporting easier. Set up a brand complete with corporate colours and fonts that flows throughout your reports and dashboards across multiple report styles. Check out the videos & PDFs below to learn more.



Beautiful Reporting

Learn how to make attractive reports quickly using Castaways report styles and brands.



Printing with Report Stacks

Learn how to set-up and save your own Report Stack to print now or print later.



Beautiful Dashboards

Learn how to make great dashboards fast with pre-configured or completely customised dashboards and widgets.



Test the resilience of your business strategy by modelling assumptions and scenarios. Consolidate and handle the eliminations in departments or subsidiaries with a click of a button. View the performance of your company at a group level. Decide on the level of detail by drilling down in Castaway reports.

Working with Actuals Data

Learn how to enable actuals then import and manage actuals data.


Exploring Drivers

Learn how to create drivers and a few of the ways to use them in your forecast to make your forecast more dynamic.


The Power of Datalinks

Discover the power and flexibility of datalinks to link dynamically to your forecast.


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